Sunday, January 3, 2010

White Chocolate Chex Mix

Yum....Yum...Yum...YUM!!! I am always game for food that involves dumping and mixing so when I came across this recipe, I knew it was perfect. Since first seeing this recipe, I have came across it several times now and one difference I see is that some people use almond bark instead of the white chocolate chips. Now, I don't know if I am still on my almond bark high from Christmas or if it truly does make the mix better, but I am a huge fan of the white chocolate chips. It's simple, quick, very yummy and makes alot! I separated the mixture into decent sized bowls because I have yet to invest in a Big Momma term for a jumbo bowl capable of mixing puppy chow. This is a pleaser for all ages and it went over amazing at a small New Year's get together we went to.

Hubbs approval rating: "Wow this is amazing. Hey, pass the bowl!"

Seriously though, thank goodness I gave half of it away because I keep munching!!!

White Chocolate Chex Mix

5 cups Cheerios

5 cups Corn Chex

2 cups peanuts (optional)

10 oz bag small twist pretzels

1 big bag of M&M’s (I used regular, feel free to opt in seasonal M&M's or I think peanut butter would be amazing)

3 Tbsp vegetable oil

2 (12 oz) bags Nestle Premier White Morsels

In a jumbo/Big Momma Bowl, mix the cheerios, corn chex, peanuts, pretzels and M&M’s.

Melt the vegetable oil and white morsels together in a double-boiler (I did mine in the microwave, just be sure to watch it) and pour over chex mix.

Mix with wooden spoon (to avoid sticking or pieces getting stuck in the groove)or if the bowl has a lid, shake the bowl to mix.

If desired, lay out on wax paper to dry or just let dry in bowl without lid on. ( I left mine in the bowl and had to work with it a bit to break chunks apart. Next time I plan to spread it out.)

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