Monday, March 22, 2010

Hamburger Soup

Spring has arrived so I kind of missed the boat on making this amazing soup but I figured better late than never! This is a soup that is best served with fresh baked bread on a cold night. It has amazing powers that instantly make your nose run and if you weren't cemented in your chair eating this soup, maybe you would go catch it. The liquid portion of this recipe is mainly a guesstimation (mixture of a guess and an estimate, a term that my high school science teacher swore would get us through college exams) so fell free to add more vegetable broth. This time my 'soup' was a little more 'runny casserole' but it was good none the less.

Hamburger Soup
Source: Mrs. O's mom

1 lb hamburger. browned and drained
1 med onion sauteed with hamburger
1/2 c celery chopped
1/2 c carrots chopped
1/4 c barley (instant)
1 can stewed tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
8 c water
6-10 ounces vegetable broth (this is where you can guesstimate, anywhere between 1/2 to a full can)
1 envelop Country Vegetable soup mix
1/2 c macaroni

Combine all ingredients-except soup mix and macaroni-in a large stock pot. Cook for 1 hour on med/high heat allowing for a simmer. Add soup mix and macaroni and cook for an additional 1/2 hour.

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