Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cream Cheese Corn

Once upon a time, a 18 year old Mrs. O (back when she was Miss M) flew the chicken coop and ventured into the world as a college student. Home sick as could be, she decided to make one of mother hen's best recipes, cream cheese corn.

"What a simple recipe," she thought. After several conversations via the tin can and string, she had gathered her ingredients (shucked the corn, churned the cream and I don't even know where the sweetened milk comes from?!?!) and was ready to go. But poor naive Mrs. O (or Miss M, whichever you prefer), did not plan anything to accompany her yummy corn and proceeded to inhale the whole pot as her meal.

"Ohhhhh never again," she said as she laid sprawled across the kitchen floor rubbing her belly.

And from that day on, Mrs. O learned the value of moderation and sharing food with others, or a BAD tummy ache will be the punishment!

Cream Cheese Corn
Source: Mother Hen aka Mrs. M
Serves 4-6 hefty side servings (DO NOT EAT ALL BY YOURSELF!)

1 regular size bag of frozen yellow corn
1 4 oz bar of cream cheese (used fat free)
1 14 oz jar sweetened condensed milk (I used fat free)

Prepare corn according to package. Do not drain. Leave over the heat and melt in the cream cheese. Then add jar of sweetened condensed milk. (My mom uses the whole can, I use about half. Depends on how sweet you like it.)

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  1. We have corn a lot as a side dish. I'm always looking for new ways to prepare it - thanks for sharing!