Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Have you caught on yet that I love cupcakes? At some point, I plan to make a calendar of 365 different cupcakes that way, you could have a sweet inspiration everyday! Well until then, I will slowly be building up my list of successful cupcakes. They lil guys I made for class treats on our final day of class before Easter. I thought they turned out pretty cute. My decorations were a little big in comparison of the cupcakes but I had to go with what I found in the store! I also decided to make the cupcake portion into rainbow cakes! Check out this great tutorial on Omnomicon for a how to guide on making rainbow cakes!

There isn't a real recipe that will accompany this post as I just used a regular white cake for the cupcakes and then a classic almond buttercream recipe for the frosting. The fun is in the decorating! I also rolled the cupcakes in regular sugar for a little extra detail. I think it really added a fun texture to the frosting that I loved. Don't know if I needed the extra sugar kick though.....

Idea was inspired by Bakerella

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