Friday, December 18, 2009

Attempting this, "Blog thing"

So here I am. After reading (some may say stalking) several other cooking blogs, I have been inspired to start one of my own. One that chronicles my attempts to fall into that 'perfect wife' category. One that depicts my attempts to multitask and accomplish amazing feats, be it cooking, cleaning, organizing, decorating, studying or entertaining. One that makes me feel more worth of being my mothers' daughter, because you see, I am one of those girls that thought my mother had it all together.

The food listed in this blog will not be of Julia Child's french cuisine but rather a creative take on basics like Mac & Cheese. I have a picky husband who hates marinara sauce and chunky potatoes so I am forever struggling to find foods that will please everyone. I will not spend 20 minutes to get the perfect picture or smooth edges. I rather hope to inspire other 'average' chefs to feel successful within their own realms. So I encourage you to judge by taste instead of by looks. I will list a hubs approval rating at the end of each item as I figure if I can win him over, it should be a hit with others.

This leads to who I am. Well, I just so happen to feel the need to describe myself in bullet format.

  • Clumsy left handed girl; I was created backwards and continue to pay for it

  • Newlywed

  • College student-the never ending task of achieving my masters

  • Slightly OCD when it comes to cleaning and smells

  • Loves to cook; lacks endurance or attention span for complex instructions; hates the dishes

  • Poor speller, so try not to judge the grammar

There are of course many other words that describe me (kind or not) but those are all that are important for my purposes here.

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